David's old National Resonator is Fixed!


Last time we visited this subject David's resonator had the head snapped off. Well my good buddy Ralph Luttrell of
Luttrell Guitars used some kind of space age glue
and reattached the peg head. It's really strong and probably wont ever break in that spot again. The trick was getting glue into all the cracked areas then clamping them without squeezing out all the epoxy. I decided not to touch up the original paint or try to hide the repair. There are so many chips and cracks in the finish all over the guitar that the repair doesn't even stand out. I lubricated and reinstalled the tuning machines and she sounds great again. One of these days it needs a mch heavier overhaul but it's at least as good as it was before the head was broken off. David was so happy he smiled for an hour. As I was leaving he made sure I noticed his case he got to keep it in. No more leaning instruments against the wall.

Below are photos of the repaired neck and whole guitar.



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