Stringing Tips and how to prevent a collapsed cone while stringing too aggressively.

See the collapsed cone on one side?I caused this by being stupid. I tightened all the bass strings up real tight while the others were loose and the one side started caving. I just noticed my action drop on one side and the biscuit lower than the cover plate. Read ahead and I have some tips on a super safe way to avoid this.

First of all there are two things to consider. Sometimes you can just change one string at a time and that's a safe way but below is assuming you removed all the strings.

Insert the strings into the bridge strap from the side and then slip them up over the saddle into place. Do string 4, 5 and then 6 in that order.

Install the strings closest to the nut and work upward so you have room to work. Doing it the other way is harder. Pull the bass string tight and measure how much string you want to keep. We only want to wrap around the post about 2-3 complete turns. Any more wrapping and looping only makes the strings impossible to remove.

Below: Notice below how I went around one time on one side of the hole then crossed over? This holds really well and makes for a very neat installation.

Below: Now I install string 5 and then 4 in the same manner. Notice how on string 5 the angle of the string going back to the saddle is cinching and pulling those windings tightly together making a neat and tight connection that wont slip, doesn't have a birds nest of string excess wrapping and will easily be removed. Don't tighten these bass stings up too tight yet. Leave them a little floppy. We'll tighten them all up evenly from the center of the saddle outward.


Now below I insert string 3, 2 and lastly 1 into the bridge and tail piece.

Below: I install string 1 first beause it's closest to the nut. Notice how I am measuring out more string to keep this time because I need about 4 wraps on these unwounds and maybe 3-4 on the 3rd string. Notice how my wrapping method on strings 4 and 5 prevent the string from touching the wood and cinches tight?

Below is the best way to hold the string while you tighten the tuner. Again dont tighten them up to pitch yet. This keeps the string tight in the tailpiece and makes it roll onto the tuner post smoothly and tightly.

Below I am almost finished and tighten the strings almost up to pitch in this order to be a little paranoid safe. String 3,4 then 2,5 then 1,6. Now tune them on into your favorite tuning. Notice how the completed job is neat with nice angles, tight wraps and if I break a string on stage I don't need to do surgery with wire cutters to remove a string from the post. No kinked or wrapped under ends, and only 2-3 wraps on the bass strings and 3-5 wraps on the treble strings.

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