The NEW Sound Seat Footrest Option

Well it was time to order a new Soundseat and they sent me one with the new foot rest add-on option. Players have been asking for this as an option and Soundseat has come through with a sturdy device that installs onto any existing soundseat foot ring. They asked me to test it and give them any helpful feedback but from what I can see the foot rest is a well designed option and should work great. I've spent a day or so using it with great results. It's not the exact same feeling or playing position as a classical guitar player with a foot rest on the floor but it's very comfortable and may be the perfect solution for most players needing one.

The footrest on my chair measures about 9" inches from the floor. The toe tip end of the foot rest sticks out about 5-6" inches from the center horn of the chair. Total size of the footplate is 11.5" long and 6" inches wide and it's made of sturdy aluminum. It's removable from the chair but you normally would leave it on during transport. It's also reversable for left or right handed players. Plus some players like to play with the guitar resting on their left leg while others use the right. In my case the guitar sits on my left leg when I play so I reversed the footrest by loosening the bolt and flipping it over. The bolt and washer holding the footrest prevents it from spinning around and holds it in place when in the storage position (shown below). 

You may also notice I've chosen the wider diameter footring on my chair which does hold the footrest farther out. I'm not sure if I would like the footrest on the more narrow foot ring. It might not stick out far enough. Compared to a classical guitar position this option and my chair tend to hold my leg pretty high compared to the other one on the floor. My knee bends and my heel tucks slightly underneath the chair. So there are many times where I'm going to be more comfortable not using the footrest. The good news is how easy it is to deploy and store. 

Summary: This will more than likely be a must have for most Soundseat owners. The quality seems to be there and the design seems to be a good one.

WARNING: The footrest is strong but it's not intended to hold your full body weight or be used to step on and off of the chair. There is a warning sticker that comes on the footplate.

Below are photos of my new break down model chair with the footrest deployed and stored away. Another great innovation from our friends at Soundseat.

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