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Restoration of a blackface Fender Super Reverb vintage tube guitar amp and one of the greatest blues amps of all time.

Guitar Slides Review and Roundup  - Photo and Video tour of various types of guitar slides, setup and techniques.

Gambler Guitar serial number #003 is born 17-AUG-07 video and photos

Aug 2007 - Construction photos of 8 Gambler Guitars first edition underway.

Stella Gambler 1920s Parlor Guitar - Restoration, repairs, photos and sound samples.

June 2007 - The NEW prototype Gambler guitar ultimate blues guitar construction project 
Must see photos and demo videos!

Gibson 1926 Flat Top L-0/L-1 Robert Johnson guitar - Sound clips, video, photos and review.

iPod recording article using the Belkin Tunetalk microphone addon.

1930s Kay Kraft Innovation Ahead of It's Time - A 1930s archtop blues guitar with dual cutway and bolt on neck system. A hot bed of modern features and artistic influences way ahead of it's time. This is a piece of Atlanta Blues and American music history. Photos, article and recordings.  

1930s Kay Recording King - Full restoration just completed with photos and a cool video demo. This one was a lot of work but another great blues guitar has been rescued. 

Soundseat's new foot rest option reviewed

My acoustic PA rig for live gigs with photos, descriptions and tips.

SoundSeat Musicians Chair - A review and photos of the best piece of gear I own.

Resonator and Dobro Help Page containing links, information and resources about shopping for the right reso guitar including technical features and sound samples, history of the instrument, links and all kinds of information, videos and photos. 

National Reso String Replacement - Replacing strings on a slot head resonator guitar and preventing cone collapse and other issues.


National Resonator Guitar Tuners Replacement - Upgrade stock tuners to deluxe set and correcting wrong hole patterns and other tips.

National Resonator Full Setup - A photo diary of a National getting a new bridge and a full setup. Includes removal and reinstallation of cone also.

Dobro Overhaulin' - A photo diary of an old Dobro being overhauled. Repairing Mudcat's guitar!

Repairing the snapped off headstock on David's old beloved resonator guitar and a pretty good inspirational story to go along with the photos.

L-00v model guitar by John Greven - Review and sound test of these vintage repros

Tommy Emmanuel CGP Thumbpick - A story about some good times in Austin and the tools of a master guitarist CGP. See the exact specs and photos.

Red Bear Tortis Thumbpick Beta Tests - The testing is nearing completion for the first model.

Thumbpicks and Fingerpicks Review - The largest thumbpick review on the web with demo videos, reviews, photos and more.

Sunrise Sound Hole Acoustic Pickup - Photos, review, installation and sound samples of one of the best acoustic blues guitar pickups you can buy.

Lightnin' Hopkin's 1940 Guitar and Pickup Rig - Let me share with you photos and recordings of the guitar and pickup model that made history in the hands of Lightnin Hopkins in the late 1940s.

Vintage DeArmond Acoustic Sound Hole Pickups - In depth look at 3 vintage model pickups that changed the face of blues and ushered in the era of electric blues and rock and roll.

1930s Regal Parlor - A little gem I found and documented. A solid value like a Stella but for a fraction of the price.

The OTHER Robert Johnson Blues Guitar - The famous 1930s Kalamazoo KG-14 in depth look at the specs, bracing and other features that helped Gibson survive the depression.

Cool guitars photos page. HERE

LB's Greatest Blues Guitar Recordings - Sound recordings of every great blues guitar I own or can get my hands on for testing. New ones added all the time.

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